Instrumental Music Written & Performed By Tim McGowan


Review By George Spelvin, Broadcaster of Georges Jungle Radio Station, Calgary, Canada.....I recently had a chance to listen to HOPES & DREAMS, which Tim released in 2000. It has been my experience that all of Tim's compositions that I have heard are terrific, and the 15 tracks which comprise "HOPES & DREAMS" are no exception. The CD cover features an ancient castle located next to a forest at the edge of the sea. The castle is silhouetted by the sun, which appears to be rising anew behind it. Two birds in graceful mid-flight are in the foreground, and one can almost believe that it is these birds (one Hopes, the other Dreams?) that transport the listener through the mists of time and imagination toward whatever is just on the other side of the castle, with Tim's music serving as the wind that directs their flight path and makes the journey possible. I particularily enjoyed "Day By Day", "Deeper Love" and "Pride", but the listener is bound to enjoy EVERY song from this wonderful CD.

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Hopes & Dreams Written & Performed By Tim McGowan

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(disc 06)

8. Day By Day

1. Hopes & Dreams

9. Here For You

2. Holding On

10. Into My Heart

3. New Love

11. Deeper Love

4. Sharing This Life

12. Kindred Spirits

5. Always

13. Till The End

6. Everything

14. Pride

7. The One

15. Without You


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