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Tim McGowan's Biography


Tim continued the family tradition (his Grandmother a

concert pianist, his Father a professional Jazz musician,

his 3 older brothers also musicians) with a musical

journey when he enrolled in a music

course and studied the Rudiments & Theory of

music for 2 years.


During this time he co-formed a seven piece rock band

called "Jeopardy".  

The next six years he toured Europe with his band & went

into the studio to record their original brand of melodic

rock.  Their first two songs simultaneously entered the

U.K demo charts at #'s 10 and 6, which at the time had

never been done before by an unsigned band.

 They also won the Marble Arch Trophy for Scotland

in a nationwide contest held in Britain.

He has played live all over Europe and worked in the

studio for various professional bands as a member,

vocalist, session keyboardist & arranger for over 20 years.


Tim had composed and produced music scores and

acted as Musical Director for professional theatre

and film productions in Scotland, where he is originally

from, for over 5 years before moving to the US.  


Tim currently writes and produces his own brand of

instrumental music and has released 9 Instrumental CDs

which are available from,, CDbaby & Tower Records

& many other major stores. 

 His solo music is getting round the clock airplay on

radio stations across the U.K., U.S.A.,Canada, Japan,

Italy, France, Argentina, Germany and Brazil.

His latest CD "Kingdom"

is available now!


His Released Solo Instrumental Albums:


"Fairytale" - Released in Europe

"Private Places" - Released in Europe

"City Of Dreams" - Released in Europe

"Millennium" - Released in Europe - U.S.A.

"For Heaven's Sake" - Released in Europe

"Hopes & Dreams" - Released in U.S.A.

"Lady of the Lake" - Released in U.S.A.

"The Collection" - Released in U.S.A.

"Kingdom" - Released in U.S.A.


Musical influences:


Dream Theater, Marillion, Queen, Queensryche,

Ozzy, Arkenstone, Jean Michel Jarre, The Beatles

Whitesnake, Scorpions


Roland keyboards and equipment exclusively

with the D, JV, XP and Fantom 88 & 61 series synths/samplers

Hammond B3, Roland KC550 amplification. 

EV microphones for studio and live performance.

Shure In-ear wireless monitor.

T.C Helicon, Zoom, Alesis, Behringer, Vamp2

Processors and FX.

AKG wireless UHF Guitar Bug System

AKG wireless UHF microphone plug-in system

62 Gibson SG Guitar









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